Revolutionising Filmmaking
through Real-time Virtual Production

Melbourne’s Largest LED Volume Studio 

Melbourne’s largest LED WALL Virtual Production Volume is providing real time workflow efficiencies and solutions to film and TV productions.

Dreamscreen Australia is your preferred partner for the provision of Virtual Production services. With some of the industry’s brightest talent on hand, we offer a streamlined solution to bring your team and assets into the next generation of film making.

DREAMSCREEN Australia is on the pulse of global change in film making, placing Victoria at the forefront of this enormous technological shift. 

Virtual production brings together physical and digital elements allowing seamless real-time integration between talent and virtual environments live and in camera. 

We are collaborating with key local and international industry entities in this space, including our valued listed partners.

Interior & exterior location changes made simpler. Set extensions / Simulated Travel VFX now faster and more efficient to achieve in a controlled studio environment free from the tyrannies of traditional location restraints.


Dreamscreen will be featured in the final episode of the first season.

Dreamscreen and our partners were thrilled to work on this new Australian drama.


Watch the Showreel

The following showreel was filmed in 5 days. On average, 4 entirely different scenes were able to be shot each day.

Behind the Scenes

ABC FIRES | Working on the                        BTS – FIRES – Firestorm Sequence                      BTS – Working with Motion                Dreamscreen                                                                                                               Capture Camera  (Robotface)

BTS – Dreamscreen Showreel                               BTS – Apartment Scene

Our Services

Dedicated Workflow Tools

Pre-production Training

World Class Facility

Dedicated Set of Workflow Tools

We offer a multitude of on-set tools to make your virtual production as fluid and user friendly as possible.

Lens Calibration

With our highly integrated calibration tools we can ensure your lens data can be tracked and calibrated with greater efficiently.

Virtual Lighting Tools

Our powerful virtual lighting tools make it easy for cinematographers to use the LED WALL as a versatile lighting solution.

Camera Ready Environments

Our virtual environments are designed to be responsive and compliment real-life camera situations with greater ease.

Real-time Color Pipeline

Our on-set color specialist will assist your team in matching and blending the virtual world with the foreground real-world parameters.

Pre-Production Training

Our Virtual Production Staff will assist and train your team before production to ensure you enter the Volume fully equipped to maximise your film making needs

COVID-19 friendly production solutions

A World Class Facility

In our permanent facility (scheduled early 2021) we can scale production to meet your specific needs.

Have your VFX Supervisor & cinematographer work with our technical team in real time to craft amazing shots.

Get the results you want in camera today and not 12 months after wrap.


Dreamscreen Australia Partners

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