Dedicated Set of Workflow Tools

We offer a multitude of on-set tools to make your virtual production as fluid and user friendly as possible.

Lens Calibration

With our highly integrated calibration tools we can ensure your lens data can be tracked and calibrated with greater efficiently.

Virtual Lighting Tools

Our powerful virtual lighting tools make it easy for cinematographers to use the LED WALL as a versatile lighting solution.

Camera Ready Environments

Our virtual environments are designed to be responsive and compliment real-life camera situations with greater ease.

Real-time Color Pipeline

Our on-set color specialist will assist your team in matching and blending the virtual world with the foreground real-world parameters.

Pre-Production Training

Our Virtual Production Staff will assist and train your team before production to ensure you enter the Volume fully equipped to maximise your film making needs

COVID-19 friendly production solutions

A World Class Facility

In our permanent facility we can scale production to meet your specific needs.

Have your VFX Supervisor & cinematographer work with our technical team in real time to craft amazing shots.

Get the results you want in camera today and not 12 months after wrap.